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Daniel Headey

Who do I think I am?

I thrive on giving brands personality so they begin to mean more to people.

Having started out at big ATL players such as Ogilvy, Bates and Saatchi, I moved to ELVIS and won digital/social awards. There I became an ACD and then eventually began consulting. A truly integrated Copywriting Creative Director with an Art Direction eye, who shines whether crafting or overseeing strategic thought and tone.

I've written for cars, fried chicken, diarrhoea tablets, trainers, investment banks, train companies, breweries, fintech outfits, panty pads and more. I've won more pitches than I can remember. (And lost a few of course.)

I’ve won DMAs, MAAs, Chip Shops, Campaign BIGs. Also an IPA Planning Award, a Drum, a Creative Circle Silver and been Cannes nominated. I have a start-up mentality whether working on/in an established business, agency or with a new brand. Able to work as a lone creative wolf, with an Art Director/Designer or just be there to inspire others. I make things happen and want to make a difference.

What's he bloody going on about?

I got skills, they're multiplying

Creative Direction
Scriptwriting (TV/Content/Radio)
Social & Digital
Tone of Voice
Dry Wit
Being Northern
Football Keepy-uppies